Our Aims

A warm welcome awaits at each of our Family Hubs in Sandwell for you and your family. We have a wide range of services on offer, and we uphold our values in everything we do. Our values include:

  • Respecting the unique worth of every person We believe that every person is different but equal, and that everyone’s unique talent should be recognised and encouraged.
  • Encouraging people to fulfil their potential We all need encouragement at times, and we aim to create opportunities for people to make the most of their abilities.
  • Working with hope Our hope for a better future for all children is the source of our inspiration.
  • Exercising responsible stewardship The commitment of our staff and volunteers to make the best use of resources enables us to help children, young people and their families across the UK.

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Our Aims are:

  • To provide information and advice for families about services in their respective town and across the Borough as a whole.
  • To offer an exciting program of antenatal education courses across the borough and help parents-to-be to feel supported, prepared and confident.
  • To proactively support families in engaging and forming their children’s early language development.
  • To enable families to use the available early years opportunities through Nursery Education Funding (NEF) and Early Learning for Twos Funding (ELT).
  • To provide a range of support services for families to address their individual needs.
  • To provide a range of activities and services for families to access to promote learning, development and enjoyment in the child’s early years.
  • To work in partnership with local communities, schools and groups across the towns and Borough to offer excellent services for children and families.
  • To provide a range of activities to engage parents/carers, fathers, families and children who would benefit from support and opportunities designed to improve their health and well-being.
  • To support with the early identification of children with additional needs and provide information and guidance on next steps.