Supporting Early Years & Education

Healthy, fun and educational activities for children in Sandwell.

We know that the early years of childhood are important for every child and the early learning of children can have a positive impact on the rest of their lives, helping children to communicate, explore their surroundings and experience the world around them.

In our Sandwell Family Hubs, we have a range of services that actively encourage the learning and development of your child with positive, healthy and fun educational activities for you and your child to experience and enjoy together.

Our offer

Family Hubs in Sandwell will offer early years sessions in each town of Sandwell, ensuring you can access a fun, learning environment where you can speak to professionals, meet other parents/carers and develop strategies to support the development of your child through our Play, Talk, Read sessions.

We offer First Words Together in partnership with the National Literacy Trust which is a 5-week program based on communication for 12-18mths with activities based around books to enhance your child's language.

We offer Wellcomm screenings for 18mths+ if you have concerns around your child's speech and language development or would like some more information or resources to support your child's language. strategies, routines, sensory resources, different play ideas to help or different communication methods.

We also have Stay and Plays where you and your child can come to sessions in the Family Hubs or in your local community and enjoy activities and meet other parents/carers. You could also look at becoming a volunteer leader.

To enquire around how we can support you and your family/child in Sandwell, please use the contact button.

We have also included some useful resources and information that you can access in your own time and way.

Resources for supporting early years & education